How to modify your voice in real-time with Garageband using the built in EQ and voice effects and routing the other Mac sounds using Loopback to steam live to Twitch or YouTube using Boinx MimoLive or uStream. I also did a comparison of the Shure SM7B vs the Audio Audio-Technica AT897 for Voice Over work. I was deciding if I wanted a DBX 286s, but decided to use the EQ in Garageband instead. I apologize in advance for the different levels, I had to turn down the monitor since the latency was too distracting for me. Here are the devices in my Chain:

Scarlett 2i4:
XLR Cables:
Loopack Audio:
BlackMagic Mini Recorder:
ATH-m50x Headphones:
Rokit 5 Studio Monitors: