The only other computer that I have owned other than a Mac was a Commodore 128! I’ve used PCs for awhile for work, but never had an urge to buy them for home. In fact, for awhile I was always anti-PC whenever someone would recommend a computer. So what changed my mind? Two words:

Virtual Reality

Ironically, I’ve only experienced VR with the Samsung and it wasn’t that great. I don’t even remember if it was 3d. Regardless, it was underwhelming. But after watching a bunch of YouTube videos, I’ve decided to take the plunge.

My 1st challenge was to figure out how which parts to get! For me, I was so used to just picking a Mac, everything was so easy… And expensive! I’ve read a lot of the builds on and watched a lot of YouTube¬†tutorials on building a PC. Since the nVidia GTX 1080 recently came out during that research, I thought I would get one. But the ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 OC edition was always sold out, so as soon as the Titan X became available on August 2nd, I put in an order. There was a lot of controversy over the that card even though they sold out in 1 day, but for me, I wanted to go with just one card for VR and see how this computer will perform against my 5k iMac for video editing and rendering.

Today, I believe I finally received all my parts and I plan to film the build.

My PC Parts List