If you want to expand your HDMI ports on your TV or combine multiple HDMI sources into one, then the gofanco Prophecy 1080p Quad Multi-Viewer 4×1 HDMI Switcher is for you!

This doesn’t show tiny picture-in-picture, but several layouts of the 4 HDMI sources! In my scenario, I wanted an easy way to show my Hikvision NVR footage on my TV screen quickly if I needed to see what was going on outside by just pressing a button on the remote. For example, when someone rang my doorbell, it would take awhile for the Ring app to load on my phone. By the time the Ring app loaded, the person was already gone. Since the Hikvision is in real-time, I can immediately switch to that without interrupting what I am watching.

If you own a bar or restaurant and want to show multiple channels on one large TV, this is the perfect solution without having to buy multiple TVs!

GoFanco Quad View: https://amzn.to/2XCXgy6

GoFanco Product Page: https://www.gofanco.com/4×1-hdmi-quad-viewer-and-seamless-switcher-pro-quadview.html


  • Inexpensive way to show multiple HDMI inputs at once
  • Different layouts for the inputs
  • It handled the 4k signal from my NVR (although it isn’t advertised to handle 4K)


  • I couldn’t record the screen directly into my Blackmagic Video assist, or my Magewell HDMI capture card (for this video). I even tried with a HDMI splitter, which usually strips away the HDCP. This isn’t a big deal since it’s only meant for the TV.
  • Smaller windows will blur some text