Unboxing and Set Up

For those that follow my channel, I’ll just be applying what I do for tech unboxings with this bike. I was surprised at how large the box was. The best thing is that it required minimal assembly. I just had to put the front wheel on, screw on the pedals, attach the seatpost, and adjust the angle of the handlebars. I’d like to ride if for a few weeks before I feel like I could do a fair review of the bike so subscribe if you are interested in that follow up.

A little about myself

  1. Started Running
  2. Got my 1st road bike in 2012
  3. Triathlon
  4. Mud Runs
  5. I then started racing, I favored criteriums
  6. Save up for a Cyclocross

I’ve always been a big fan of Firefly along with Parlee, these were my dream bikes. I chose Titanium since this will be my “forever bike” – I’m just not the kind of person why buys a new bike every year.


  1. Order on their website
  2. Consultation with Kevin
  3. Send in fitting information
  4. Sent videos

I like how they stay true to the titanium – no need to really paint it (unless you want to), the details can be anodized, and
the welds are super clean and color free.


I’ve wanted to check out cyclocross racing for awhile now, and I also want to mix my rides with some off road trails. The SF bay area is perfect and a few of the folks I ride with often go off the beaten path. I also wanted a bike for those less than ideal conditions where the road could be wet due to heavy fog or some rain. My Carbon Zipp wheels don’t brake very well during those times and it doesn’t help that I run cork brake pads. I’ve had two scary close calls.

Things I learned

For those new to Cyclocross like me, I had to familiarize myself with a few technologies:

Hydraulic disc brakes:
requires less force to generate more braking power. But for newbies like me, be sure not to apply the brakes without the wheels on. This is because they self adjust for consistent level pulls.

Instead of quick releases with dropouts, there is a thicker axel that threads through the forks for better alignment and safety.