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gofanco Prophecy 1080p Quad Multi-Viewer 4×1 HDMI Switcher

If you want to expand your HDMI ports on your TV or combine multiple HDMI sources into one, then the gofanco Prophecy 1080p Quad Multi-Viewer 4x1 HDMI Switcher is for you! This doesn't show tiny picture-in-picture, but several layouts of the 4 HDMI sources! In my scenario, I wanted an easy way to

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Why can’t I see the Add Video or Photos on my Amazon Reviews?

When I was trying to write a review recently, I wasn't able to add an image or video. Here's what my review page looked like: I had a chat with support and she couldn't figure out why I was missing the ability to upload images or videos. She was able to see what I was

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Remove room noise and hiss in your Voice Overs with a DBX 286s

I’m going to share some tips to provide a starting point for voice overs for your videos. This is what I figured out what works for me, but you'll want to tweak them to get the best sound for your voice. I will give examples of what each effect sounds like. The DBX 286s

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IKEA Örfjäll Junior Swivel Chair Unboxing, Assembly, and Review

This is the Unboxing, Assembly, and Review of the IKEA ÖRFJÄLL Junior Swivel Chair Assembling the chair was pretty straight forward. Although the required tools came with it. I saved time and frustration by using an impact drill with a 4mm hex bit. The 1st step is to assemble the legs to the center hub.

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