I get asked a lot about what type of camera gear or computer gear to buy, my most popular videos on YouTube are my tutorials, so I decided to put something together to help others. On July 30th, 2016 I blew away my old WordPress site, which was a neglected photoblog, and redesigned it as you see it now as a place to write details about my video reviews and tutorials that I will post on YouTube. This page is to snapshot where I am today. For my friends and family, I ask that you visit YouTube, sign in and subscribe to my channel here: www.youtube.com/garycruz

YouTube stats as of July 30, 2016

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I took a screenshot of my homepage as I haven’t had much time to design it further. It will change as I grow with my site. My 1st video I’m putting together will either be one of the components as part of my 1st PC build, or the Jarvis Sit Stand desk I just put together. Regardless, I plan on updating my channel at least once a week.