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How to upgrade the QNAP TVS-672XT 32GB Memory

How to upgrade memory in the QNAP TVS-672XT NAS with before and after shots in QTS. Buy two of these Crucial Memory Modules: QNAP-672XT: Ironwolf 6TB Drive:

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How to Buy Ripple from Coinbase

Trying to buy Ripple fast and don't want to wait for verification on another exchange? You can't invest in Ripple on Coinbase YET... But here's how you can buy one of the hottest coins right now.

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Remove room noise and hiss in your Voice Overs with a DBX 286s

I’m going to share some tips to provide a starting point for voice overs for your videos. This is what I figured out what works for me, but you'll want to tweak them to get the best sound for your voice. I will give examples of what each effect sounds like. The DBX 286s

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IKEA Örfjäll Junior Swivel Chair Unboxing, Assembly, and Review

This is the Unboxing, Assembly, and Review of the IKEA ÖRFJÄLL Junior Swivel Chair Assembling the chair was pretty straight forward. Although the required tools came with it. I saved time and frustration by using an impact drill with a 4mm hex bit. The 1st step is to assemble the legs to the center hub.

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Tutorial – Realtime Voice Effects with GarageBand

How to modify your voice in real-time with Garageband using the built in EQ and voice effects and routing the other Mac sounds using Loopback to steam live to Twitch or YouTube using Boinx MimoLive or uStream. I also did a comparison of the Shure SM7B vs the Audio Audio-Technica AT897 for Voice Over

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Overlay Speedometer Dashboard Data on GoPro

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How to upgrade Ram in the Synology ds1515+

How to install 16GB of RAM in a Synology ds1515+. Here's the link to the Crucial memory that I used: Here's the Synology 1515+ in the video:

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Sony RX100 Focus Modes

MENU > 2 > [Focus Mode] > desired mode The camera locks the focus when the focus adjustment is achieved. Use [Single- shot AF] when the subject is motionless. The camera continues to focus while the shutter button is pressed and held halfway down. Use this when the subject is in motion. Allows

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How to connect the Canon 5D MKIII to your iPad or iPhone

Please see the YouTube description of this tutorial to get links to the products used in this video.

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