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I create videos on YouTube related to photography, videos, gaming, and tech in general. My photography website is www.amazestudios.com if you want to check that out.

Most of my content will be posted on YouTube. However, In additional to that content, I may need to share:

  • Detailed photos
  • Articles and written tutorials
  • Polls to track votes
  • And hopefully build a community for like folks to share their content

Your Support

I will try my best to produce content that I would like to watch. That takes time to create and edit. If you like what you see, please subscribe and you can support me by using the Amazon Links on this site and YouTube videos. For example, here’s a link to all the photo gear I use to make my videos and add content to this blog. It doesn’t cost you anything additional!

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Website History

I’ve had the domain garycruz.com since 1996. I created it using my own web server to keep my web skills up to date since I was a web designer back then. It has gone through a few iterations from a Macromedia Flash site (before Adobe owned the technology), to a primitive web log, and then to a photo blog. It wasn’t until July 30th, 2016 that I decided to revamp my website to focus on tech reviews and tutorials of things I like such as photography, videography, and gaming.

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